Here at Chick-fil-A 120th & Washington, our team members are the true heartbeat of our restaurant. Every day, they are the ones getting up early to cut and bread the chicken, squeeze the lemons for lemonade, wipe down the tables and chairs, making sure the dining room is clean and ready for our guests.

But when people come to work for us — whether it’s for six months or six years — they can be confident that they will gain far more experience than preparing a chicken sandwich.

Building a Foundation for The Future

Whether it’s someone’s first job or a step in the direction of a new career, there’s always room to grow and learn. From serving a delicious meal to learning how to lead a team, our team members have the opportunity every day to discover talents and passions that they had never known before. And we think that’s pretty exciting.

We believe in nurturing our team members into the leaders we believe they can be. Whether it’s a 16-year-old eager to learn in his first job, or a retiree happy to stay connected with her friends and neighbors, we believe each and every team member can find ways to build on their skills and strengths.

To us, that means intentionally creating an environment where people can thrive — where they can gain the tools and skills they need to become great leaders in the restaurant and beyond. Because we know that what they learn about serving a guest or working together with a team can set the foundation for the next chapters of life.

From a professional appearance to a simple “my pleasure,” we’re passionate about instilling the values in our team members that set them apart. And they know how to make a mean chicken sandwich, too.

And we’re big believers in investing in our team members’ futures. Through Chick-fil-A’s Remarkable Futures scholarship program, team members can earn $2,500 to apply toward their college education.

The Perks of Joining the Chick-fil-A 120th & Washington Team

Competitive Pay — Full-time employees start at $12/hour.

Flexible Hours — We’ll work together to find a schedule that works best.

Free Food — What could be better than free, delicious Chick-fil-A for your meal every shift?!

Closed on Sundays — Enjoy time off to worship and spend time with your family.

Health Benefits — Available for all employees.

Retirement – We’ll match your investment in your retirement future through our 401k program. We also partner with a local firm to provide free retirement counsel and advice.

Scholarship Program — Apply for scholarships through Chick-fil-A, Inc., local restaurant and also enjoy other education-related benefits.

Family Work Environment — We love that our team often feels more like family than coworkers. And you’ll get the benefit of being able to work directly with an Operator who loves to invest time and energy into developing confident, empowered leaders.